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Cisco Innovators: The Future of Video

The Future of Video is a concept turned reality under the leadership of Cisco Distinguished Engineer, Simon Parnall. Simon's long history in the broadcasting industry and his passion for television come together as he paints a picture of how we will experience video in the future.

Karen Crocker Snell
December 16 , 2013

Cisco Innovators is a video series that demonstrates innovation happening at Cisco by showcasing top engineers and leaders sharing their innovations and expertise.

Transcript (English)

I've always been excited by the way in which video has the ability to capture a nation, to take you to laughter to take you to tears, actually to allow us to be human.

We've seen tremendous change in the relationship between the various entities of the broadcast chain.

The ability of viewers to actually find particular pieces of content, even segments of content they are interested in. That relationship is fundamentally changed the way in which we as viewers now and use our audio visual equipment.

One of the key projects we've been tackling over the last couple of years is what we call Future of Video which actually shows how television can break out of that box in the corner of the room to actually have different levels of interaction with us to match our emotions at the moment which we call immersion level.

Firstly the system itself has some effectively cloud components that actually drive the experience, secondly the experience brings together broadcast, broadband, demotic content within the home. It is an expression of the Internet of Everything. And thirdly in terms of the data required to make this model work – the big data world – is absolutely foundational to the way that future of video works.

Cisco plays a vital role in actually making this new infrastructure work and there is so much more to do, it's a very exciting future."

Innovation in Happening at Cisco.

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