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Online Program Matches Veterans to Civilian Careers

Andrew Marsh served his country as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. But, when it came time to leave the military and find a job, the task seemed daunting. After leading a team of hundreds and advising an Afghan army colonel, Andrew did not have the certifications or years of experience most employers back home were looking for. With the help of an online talent exchange, that matched his military skills with civilian careers as well as needed training, Andrew found a job. We spoke with him just days before his first day of work.

November 07 , 2013

Transcript (English)

I was sent to Afghanistan in January of 2012 and I was an advisor to an Afghan National Army cornel. So it was my job to advise him on a daily basis. And look at what he was doing communications wise.

My wife and decided four years of the Marine Corps was great, but it was time for us to spend more time together.

When I initially started my job search it was really intimidating. I was looking at all these companies that wanted certifications and the list of requirements for education, certification and experience was pretty daunting. I was quickly fining out is that I had the knowledge that I needed to do the job, but I needed certifications to be able prove it to employers. So then I started looking for any option I could to achieve certifications.

Joe Fucello, Vice President Client Services, Futures, Inc.: The transition process for a service member to civilian life is a very stressful process.

Our focus is on helping Veterans connect to employers and our software helps make that process a lot easier.

Andrew: The IT Pipeline program taught me I do have a lot to offer, I am incredibly valuable to employers.

I realized it's not as intimidating as I first thought, I have those certifications, I realize it was hard work, but it was completely doable.

The thing I'm most excited about now with starting in the civilian job force is the additional time I will be able to spend with my family.

We don't have to worry about pay checks stopping in two months. We can enjoy each other’s company for a change.

Joe: This program has a lot of potential to help many service members transition into high paying civilian technology jobs.

Andrew: If I could offer any advice to fellow veterans who are thinking of transitioning or are certainly transitioning and aren’t sure how to do that or are nervous about that - Don't sell yourself short you have initiative, motivation and if you just apply that towards whatever it is you want to do then you can do that. It will not be as hard as you think.

Learn more about career resources for veterans. csr.cisco.com/veterans

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