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Cisco Innovators: Optimizing Big Data Applications

A small and mighty team of engineers and global interns work together to give Cisco a big advantage in big data. See how this team was formed and how the highly intense and high energy group collaborates.

November 04 , 2013


Debo Dutta: In a way it's been like building a small start up from scratch. It has been a huge opportunity and learning for me.

On screne: A big project, on big data.

Debo Dutta: Data driven business is going to be key going forward. One of the things we are doing in this project... How do you enable our customers large scale analytics in a cloud environment.

On screne: But, he's not doing it alone.

Debo Dutta: I made a call to very smart students from university as interns. We ‘ve got a very diverse set of people, we've built a community. Working together in a collaborative way it is just amazing to see the team jump start and start cracking on the problem.

On Screne: Debo's Big Data project is funded through Cisco's Tech Fund, designed to encourage disruptive ideas with long term goals.

Debo Dutta: Cisco has a strength in building very highly optimized hardware platform and we are building innovative software platform on top of it. Cisco is a huge player in Open Stack which is our representative cloud platform, so I think we have an edge over many others. To see a spark transition to an idea to a prototype to customer…it's been an amazing experience.

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