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Leadership@Cisco: Nitin Kawale

Nitin Kawale, Cisco's Senior Vice President of Canada Theatre, talks about his upbringing and how his parents have inspired him through their own actions. Find out more about Nitin's leadership style and what he is most proud of as a leader.

Joie Healy
October 29 , 2013

Transcript: I get a lot of my inspiration from my parents they moved from India to Canada  - with a very young family and obviously have to deal with cultural language and social economic status issues. Through their actions we learned hard work the importance of perseverance if you believe in something just keep going and giving back no matter how little you do it can mean a lot to other people. I love working with people I grew up playing sports so working with people and being on a team is natural for me so the fact that you can move a team to do exciting and different things is good.

First is to build a vision a compelling and inspiring vision – so everyone understands what their role is within that vision. Secondly integrity is extremely important. Third is communications so everyone knows what’s going on.

What gives me pride as a leader is to watch people on your team grow develop succeed and to go on to do bigger and better things that makes me very proud.

I don't know that I thought I would be doing this but I can tell you I love my job and I knew I would be in tech somewhere but I feel fortunate to be a part of and have a front row in this transformation that is happening.

One thing is for sure through the history of time tech has fundamentally impacted all aspects of life we are in a very interesting time and cisco has it right with the Internet of everything. What I really hope is the 2 things I am really passionate about education and healthcare will get fundamentally altered for everyone across the globe because those are the great equalizers.

Well what may surprise people is that I am a closet trekky. I have seen every single episode of the series and every movie and it’s not a passion that is shared by anyone in the family so I am having to beg and plead when a new movie comes out please someone go watch it with me.

I have to tell you there are a lot of things that make me laugh I do laugh fairly easily but without a doubt my three boys. Because they were born and raised in such a transformative era there are many different generation gaps between them in terms of the way they speak and the way they use technology – you can just imagine the conversations that occur between the 5 of us – they are absolutely hilarious and I cherish every single moment of them.

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