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Cisco Innovators: The Tactical Operations Team

Cisco's Tactical Operations Team deploys to disasters around the world. With innovative emergency communication tools, trained Cisco employees meet the needs of first responders in times of crisis.

October 22 , 2013

This fall, Cisco was recognized by the National Law Enforcement & Firefighters Children's Foundation for its disaster relief efforts. Cisco Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, had the honor of accepting the Corporate Hero Award on behalf of the Tactical Operations Team and hundreds of Cisco volunteers who are commited to helping first reponsders get the communications tools they need in times of crisis.

The Tac Ops Team is part of Cisco's larger Corporate Social Responsibiltiy efforts. While the work they do is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to emergency response, the value of their service is imeasurable and of utmost importance.


Full Transcript (English)

Tiago Da Costa Silva: We are responsible to provide emergency communications anywhere around the world 24/7.

Rakesh Bharania: We're actually taking all sorts of Cisco technology from voice, video, data, radio communications, the whole breadth of capabilities that we have and then going and solving real human problems in a way that you can see the results of immediately.

Rakesh: During Katrina there was one person who came up to me, who had said that he hadn't seen his wife in three weeks. So this guy had lost everything, his home had been flooded and destroyed he didn't know if his wife was alive or dead I took her information and I input it into our search engine and up came her name. And not only was she alive but she was actually in the same evacuation center He broke down in my arms, he was so thankful (On screen) - And that's what the technology can do that's what the technology can empower.

Rakesh:When we go to an emergency with something like the NERV, we show up on scene and within a few minutes we've already made an impact. We've already allowed emergency managers to make smarter, better decisions.

Tiago: We actually take folks to the disaster area, cisco volunteers because for them its doing what they do best, their jobs, they are the experts.  That is something that is very innovative because only a few companies do that in the world.

Rakesh:  Yes, were moving packets, but those packets represent healthcare records, they represent communications for the fire dept or a search and rescue team, they're actually very meaningful to somebody in some very real, tangible way.

Tiago:  I love my job. I think I have the best Job in the world.  We provide what most of the companies need to actually get their job done. Communications

Innovation is Happening at Cisco


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