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Leadership@Cisco: Christopher Young

Christopher Young, Cisco's Senior Vice President of the Security Group talks about his upbringing and why family and friends are so important to him. Learn what he is most proud of as a leader.

Joie Healy
September 03 , 2013


I really get my inspiration from my upbringing, my family, if I had to pick a person it would be my mother. I don't know a more hard-working, person who started with so little but who really persevered through a lots of really what I call interesting times in her life to create an opportunity for my sister and I to be successful.

Three characteristics that I think make a good leader are first you have to be passionate about whatever it is you do. The second area or characteristic of a great leader is you have to be inspirational to others you have to bring people along you have to tap into their passion their potential in order for them to do their best. The third area that you have to be a great communicator. you have to be a great communicator to be a great leader. 

What I'm most proud of our team that I've worked with in the part of the successes that we've had whether its been about creating value for a company or for a community, whether its building something, I think of myself as someone who at the end of the day I get energized by building, and working with people to build something that didn't exist prior to that effort.

My friends, one of my favorite things to do is get together with my friends which at this point are scattered all over the country for the most part. we will convene in a location and get together and talk about old movies and make jokes about Eddie Murphy films that we used to watch when we were growing up, I never laughed as hard as when I'm with those guys.

I'm passionate about my family, and passionate about my friends and the people I'm close to, and certainly inspired by them as I said earlier, but I'm also passionate about my work and what I do in particular. I've been security my entire career and it's really it's a personal passion of mine it's a personal mission.

I would say yeah overall the kinds of things I'm doing today, the kind of role I have professionally and the kind of things I'm doing in my personal life are very much so what I would've expected.

I kind of think of technology Is changing our lives in three big ways, number one is the way we communicate, that's pretty obvious. I think the other area is learning..how we educate people how are going to learn as individuals and as a society is going to be completely transformed by technology, and the last one is really our health how we deliver health care.

I have a little 81/2 pound fluffy dog that's a Maltese poodle mix and her name is Stella, that's my favorite story.. Because every time people see me out on the street with her they just can't quite get it. People say your dogs look like you are so I kind of surprised people when Stella and  I come walking down the street


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