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True Stories of the Connected: Closing the Digital Divide in Cambodia

The Internet of Everything is connecting people, process, data and things every second of every day. This short film takes an intimate look at the life of a Cambodian man whose IT training, education and ability to connect are allowing him to advance his career and make a better life for himself, his family and his community. Amazing things happen when you connect the unconnected.

August 26 , 2013

Transcript (English)


My name is Socheat Kio. I live in Phnom Penh with my family and my wife. We have 3 families living together in one house.

Last 10 years we didn't have computer or internet to access anywhere in Cambodia.

I have to learn is computer. Because most of the company in Cambodia require people who know how to use them.

I first start as a data entry operator at DDD in 2001. Now I oversee 400 people.

Digital Divide Data is a social enterprise to develop poor people to have a better chance in the future by providing first job experience, English skills and new technology.

Smart is one of our biggest clients in Cambodia.


Our company is big and we want to know exact information like how many percentage of our subscribers use in Phnom Penh. DDD sends us the data very quickly over the internet.

BY 2020, the Internet of Everything has the potential to connect 50 BILLION people, processes, data and things.


I think that connect technology is very important in the future to gain more knowledge. Young people who are living outside the city can connect to the internet and study at university or school in Phnom Penh.


Many people have knowledge, they have a good education. Cambodia is better than before because of education.


Now the Cambodian people can connect to other people everywhere. New connect technology can allow us to collaborate together.

People. Process. Data. Things.


The Internet of Everything

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