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Cisco Innovators: Flavio Bonomi and Fog Computing

Cisco fellow Flavio Bonomi shares his passion of fog computing and explains the importance of this trend as the Internet of Everything is realized.

June 16 , 2013

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My name is Flavio Bonomi and I'm a Cisco Fellow. I'm a trouble maker because I try to bring Cisco to new places.

Fog Computing Made Clear

Fog computing brings the systematic positioning of computing, storage and networking resources between end points and distant clouds.

We call it fog computing because it is similar to cloud but lower to the ground.

The new elements brought in by fog computing is the sensitivity to real time response. so that we can control so we can control critical resources like energy , traffic, healthcare and so forth.

Fog Computing Realized

In parking automation for example, we see fog computing during the analysis of the data coming from the sensors embedded in the pavement. And will provide intelligent infomation to the cloud to notify the cloud of the availability of parking spaces.

Driving Innovation With Passion

For me, in particular with the passion for motor vehicles and cars now bringing the network into the future of transportation is one of the dreams come true.

I've been always living between research and development and that is where the creation of new ideas, of new creations, of new architectures happens.

It is not difficult for me to play daily in this space and hopefully innovate in a useful way for the company.

Teachings From The Cloud

Clouds are up and fog is lower, but they are made of some of the same elements computing, storage and networking virtualized.

What we are learning from the cloud will have to be brought out into the embedded world, into the machines, into the edge of the network, into our homes, into our buildings.

We need to live with this new paradigm of distribution effectively and courageously.

Innovation is happening at Cisco

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