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SDN, Cloud, Big Data: A Conversation with Lew Tucker

Lew Tucker, Cisco's VP/CTO of Cloud Computing shares his views on OpenStack, SDN and the Application Ecosystem before speaking at this week's OpenStack Summit. #openstacksummit, #SDN, #Cloud, #BigData

April 15 , 2013

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Cisco Innovators: A Conversation With Lew Tucker, Cisco Cloud, Chief Technology Officer

Transcript: My name is Lew Tucker and I'm Vice President and CTO of cloud computing here at Cisco Systems. I really think that we are living in an interesting age in which the Internet is beginning to touch everything and the Internet is connecting everything.  We characterize that as the Internet of things and in fact Internet of Everything as it's both people and sensors and devices that are connecting to the Internet today. I think we are seeing a virtual cycle being created between the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and Software Defined Networking, where each one of these things fuels the other.

We know for fact now, that cloud platforms are absolutely the way, the fastest way to develop and deploy applications and services that can scale and can flex with the load.  So I am particularly interested now in how we can apply that actually to benefit the operators of the clouds themselves.

We've seen the emergence in the open source community of something called OpenStack. It's something Cisco's been heavily involved in. Essentially Cisco, IBM, HP and Dell.. about 180 companies are coming together to create the open source software that allows anybody to build and run their own cloud.

One of our early interests in OpenStack was in fact was how we coupled this to the rest of what Cisco has in terms of networking, computing and storage infrastructure and SDN in particular.

OpenStack works at a layer above SDN, providing now that in a multi-tenant environment so that application developers and a variety of applications can take advantage of that in the shared infrastructure making up a data center.

One of the things that's always important is the whole application ecosystem. We are very interested particularly, in the OpenStack community from Cisco's perspective, and growing that ecosystem of application providers. That ultimately is going to be delivering the value to the end-user customer.

I think what always interests me more than anything else is simply change in and of itself. The models are constantly evolving. As we have more capabilities, that gives us other ideas about how to build applications and services.

So what if we were to enable the cloud platform, such as Quantum, with the capabilities that they could support system applications, system applications that might be monitoring the health of the cloud itself.

As we are digitizing the world, almost every aspect of the world now can be connected to the Internet, now we are limited only by our imagination what we can do with that.


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