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Leadership@Cisco: Chris Dedicoat

Chris Dedicoat, Cisco's president of EMEAR, talks about what makes a great leader. See what Dedicoat thinks about the future of technology, business and education.

April 07 , 2013


I don't think there was one turning point, I think there is a few but certainly one of them was when I realized that I couldn't be a rockstar and I'd have to do something else to make a living. Secondly, I had a life-threatening illness and realized life is not a dress rehearsal and then meeting key people and, for me, meeting Nelson Mandela - I realized then that anybody has the ability change world.

I think what I look for in leaders is four things: their character, their intellectual ability, their drive and motivation, and their ability to communicate with others.

What I'm most proud of, as a leader, is the team of people I have built around me and that I work with. I get great satisfaction with seeing them realize their ambition and being successful.

I'm not sure I had a view of what I be doing at this stage in my life. I can tell you that what I knew I'd be doing is something that everyday motivates me and gives me the opportunity to continually to learn.

I think technology is changing our lives but I think we're only truly at the beginning of this journey. I think the world of the Internet runs in parallel with the business world and I think when we look forward I believe that in everything we do there will be no separation between the physical and virtual world that we live in.

I get my inspiration from the people that I meet, from continued learning and from setting myself personal goals that I believe I must achieve every day.

I'm most passionate about the power of knowledge-sharing. If there's one thing that can overcome some of the world's biggest challenges, it's the education of everyone, fighting disease, fighting world hunger, global competitiveness and the fight for climate change. I believe the power that exists in the sharing of knowledge, nothing surpasses it.

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