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Cisco Innovators: Monique Morrow, Distinguished Consulting Engineer

The amount of enthusiasm Monique Morrow has for technology innovation is hard to capture in words alone. This video interview showcases the energy and drive that fuels her success and pushes her work to new heights.

January 13 , 2013

The Cisco Innovators series showcases the vast amount of engineering talent at Cisco by featuring top engineers, in their own environment, sharing their experiences and innovations.

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My name is Monique Morrow and I'm in the Research and Advanced Development Group and mainly what I do is look a technologies that are three to five years out.

(Monique is recognized for deploying one of the first Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks in the world.)

(The technology allows high performance networks to operate more efficiently.)

What excites me about my job is the fact that it's untethered. I have the capability, with the encouragement of my senior management, to actually chart my way through the company and through industry.  

It's that kind of freedom to actually do the great things that one can do in the company that's very fantastic here at Cisco.

(In the Fall of 2012, Monique represented Cisco at the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly in Dubai, UAE.)

What I observed was that in a world forum, that the internet is here. TThat's a good thing. What we don't want to do is actually regulate that internet.

We at Cisco stand for Open Stand, that is that it's really marked-driven approach to what we do to standards.

This is extremely important because we believe that innovation can be harnessed through an open internet.

(Monique shares her passion for technology with the next generation as an advocate for young men and women in engineering.)

When you're at the table and you have to solve a problem together, nobody looks at your gender. It's all about what you're bringing to the table.

This is the opportunity is now. I mean, it's great for women to be in technology.

So to innovate is to enact change, Enact change, whether it's in a company whether it's a technology. And be a pioneer in the process. And it can be a painful process, so you have to have the courage to do that.

It's taking a risk, it's being able to fail when you fail and being able to learn from that failure and that is going to encourage a culture of innovation.

(Innovation is Happening at Cisco)


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