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The Cisco Innovators series showcases the vast amount of engineering talent at Cisco by featuring top engineers, in their own environment, sharing their experiences and innovations.

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Cisco Innovators: Shraddha Chaplot, Greengineer

Passion drives everything Shraddha Chaplot does. From developing interactive demos as a tool to visualize energy efficiency to mentoring college interns, Shraddha's determination is making a positive impact and a difference far beyond the walls of Cisco.

December 16 , 2012



My name is Shraddha Chaplot. I am a hardware test engineer in corporate compliance's energy efficiency team but I just go by greengineer.

Greengineer is a term that I use just to describe the creative aspect of being an engineer. 

In our building we have state of the art chambers and laboratories and energy efficiency is something that is still fairly new compared to those other labs.

So this is the energy efficiency demo and I will go ahead and get us started. What we have is we are displaying the energy efficiency of Cisco products. We have two different products here of the same product but different generations. This is the old switch and this is the new switch. And this is my favorite part. This is the interactive portion. The screen is going to be displaying what the power and the network traffic of the two switches. 

You can continuously innovate, whether it's small whether it's big, and this demo is a representation of just that. It's a very simple task: show energy efficiency in a way that is understandable to people. And this is the product that you see.

It's interactive. It's visually stimulating. It's was fun to build. It was fun to design.

I've mentored a lot of people and a lot of interns, so last year I had two interns who were deaf and it was really about making everybody aware and how to work with somebody who is deaf and how to create products that are accessible to people who are not able to use it in a conventional ways.

You know, innovation is not just something for a particular age group or a particular expertise level, this is for anybody, any opportunity that you see that can be improved or a new area that you find, cisco provides the time for you to go with that.

I love the fact that I am not doing the same thing every single day.  I really want to try to influence as much as I can and learn as much as I can because that's how I'm going to be able to make, that's how I'm going to be able to make a difference.

Sign Language: "Changing the way we all work, live, play and learn. Thank you.


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