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Cisco Innovators: Smart Connected Vehicles

Meet the passionate engineers literally driving one of Cisco's newest businesses. The Smart Connected Vehicles team has "start up" energy and talent backed by industry leading technology and expertise. Most importantly, this team knows how to have fun.

February 17 , 2013

The Cisco Innovators series showcases the vast amount of engineering talent at Cisco by featuring top engineers, in their own environment, sharing their experiences and innovations.

Innovation is about solving unsolved problems. It's like a maze. You walk through unknown paths. You get lost. You recover and eventually you achieve what you want to achieve.

- Chintan Patel, Senior Solutions Developer, Cisco


Smart connected vehicles are the next generation of cars that deliver safer and pleasant driving experiences.

(Meet some of the engineersdriving one of Cisco’s newest businesses.)

So when you talk about networking a car there are three areas you can talk about. One is inside the car.    One is outside the car. And one is above thecar itself

So when we network a car to the Internet, Cisco can provide the reliability the security and the seamless connectivity inside the car for people. Talking about outside the car, cars can talk to each other if they're connected to the Internet they can talk to the infrastructure so itwill result in a safer driving for cars. But there's a third where manufacturers, car manufacturers, want to know about the car itself. So they want to know how the car is performing, what the brakes are doing, what the engine temperature is like. And they can troubleshoot a problem much faster. 

We’re driving here around the campus of Cisco right outside what are some of the benefits if this car were connected?

So, one is the safety aspect of the solution where the vehicle is aware ifof the surroundings and what is the traffic condition around the vehicle what are the other incidents like road conditions what are the other cars doing…is it applying a certain brake or seeing an accident. 

(From Open Road to Open Lab a.k.a. The Playground)

(Real networking technology is tested on toy cars before being applied to actual cars.)

Whenever we drive this car, you see that window? Everybody's staring from that window wondering what is happening. 

Cars and technology are the two things that I love and this is one team, one area that has given me theopportunity to work on both of them together. 

This is work for us [laughs]. See, that's the best thing. If you can have fun at work, while innovating, that's what you want, right?

That's the ideal situation.

(Innovation is Happening at Cisco )       




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