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Joanne Taaffe

Joanne Taaffe

Joanne Taaffe has written about telecoms and IT since 1995. As the Paris-based deputy editor of Total Telecom Magazine Joanne covered strategic business and technology developments within the global telecoms industry. A fluent French speaker based in France, Joanne has also contributed to science and economics titles including France's leading popular science magazine, Science & Vie, and Science & Vie Junior.

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Joanne Taaffe's Contributions

Europe's Cities Get Smarter on Tourism
09/22/2014 Smart city infrastructure is helping Europe's cities better understand and serve tourists.
Mobility in Retail: How Technology Lets Consumers Track Products
04/28/2013 Concern from consumers about the origins of the products they purchase is prompting retailers to start using mobile technologies to track provenance and sustainability of goods. But costs could hold back widespread adoption, at least for the time being.
Health Check: The Rise of Telecare in Europe
03/17/2013 Telehealth services are on the brink of taking off. The UK and France are among the European countries leading the way and showing just how it can be done.
Better Connected: How Telematics are Revolutionizing Europe's Car Travel
09/30/2012 Regulation and smartphones are among the drivers of sophisticated new infotainment systems in Europe's cars, with vehicle manufacturers queuing up to provide new services.
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