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Scott Gurvey

Scott Gurvey

For more than 20 years, Scott Gurvey was the New York bureau chief and senior correspondent of the PBS broadcast Nightly Business Report. Gurvey conducted interviews with the CEOs of the world's leading corporations, and wrote a Web column, Public Offerings, for the PBS website.

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Oil and the Smart Pipe
04/20/2015 The Internet of Things has led to the development of technologies to monitor oil pipelines remotely, providing operators with the ability to detect potential problems before they develop.
IoT and Intelligent Transportation
03/09/2015 The Internet of Things enables the integration of communications, control and information processing across transportation systems, allowing for dynamic real time interaction. The intelligent network has made possible intelligent transportation.
Vicki Hanson: Network Pioneer & Trailblazer
02/10/2015 A look at the career of Vicki Hanson, an American computer scientist noted for her research on human-computer interaction and accessibility.
Improving Computer Accessibility in Healthcare
11/10/2014 Plans to improve the delivery of healthcare services by using computers are challenged because using computers is difficult for a significant part of the population. Scott Gurvey looks at the challenges, and the work under way to find solutions.
Network Trailblazer: A Conversation with Eric Allman
09/30/2014 Eric Allman talks about Sendmail, the first "killer app" for the networked age, and gives an update on his work now, related to the Internet of Things.
Network Trailblazers: A conversation with Irving Wladawsky-Berger
09/10/2012 Irving Wladawsky-Berger talks to Scott Gurvey about the internet evolution, digital money, and the future of the internet.
Network Trailblazers: A Conversation with Van Jacobson
05/30/2012 Computer scientist Van Jacobson talks to Scott Gurvey about his work on TCP/IP.
Network Trailblazers: A Conversation with Jennifer Rexford
Network Trailblazers: A Conversation with Robert Metcalfe
01/03/2012 The Ethernet pioneer and 3Com founder discusses anonymity on the Internet and the Internet's impact on society.
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