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Steve Wildstrom

Steve Wildstrom

Steve Wildstrom is a technology writer, analyst and consultant. He wrote BusinessWeek's Technology & You column from its creation in 1994 until BusinessWeek's acquisition by Bloomberg in December, 2009. The goal of the column, which appeared weekly in print at at, was to help readers understand and use personal technology to enhance their jobs and their lives.

Before starting Technology & You, Steve served as senior news editor in BusinessWeek's Washington bureau and edited the Washington Outlook column. Since joining the magazine in 1972, he has served in variety of capacities, covering politics, economics, and labor in Washington and Detroit and was also deeply involved in the computerization of editorial operations in the 1980s.

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Efficiency and Security for the Energy Industry
04/06/2015 The energy industry, from oil wells to electricity in your home, benefits from complex communications within its system. IoT is making it more efficient and safer.
Security in a Connected Home
01/27/2015 Increased security concerns as the Internet of Things provides the offering of new services on personal devices.
Better Technology Will Bring More Secure Mobile Payments
01/07/2015 Apple and retailers battle over how to make phones become secure credit cards. The tug of war will go on for a while, but the ultimate result will be far safer transactions.
2014: A Year of Accelerating Change for the TV Industry
12/16/2013 A look at what's ahead for the video business in the coming year.
The Internet of Everything Moves Home Automation Toward the Mainstream
10/20/2013 How the hardware and software that make up the Internet of Everything are making home automation a reality.
Connected Cars Get a Test Drive
06/17/2013 See how cars are communicating with their surroundings, to become part of The Internet of Everything.
The Future of Connected Cars: What to do With All That Data?
02/17/2013 A look at the changes ahead for auto makers and drivers as cars get more connected to the rest of the world.
Healthcare Sensors: Data Science Meets Medical Science
01/14/2013 A look at the advancement of healthcare devices and how technology has changed the industry in the past year.
Network Trailblazer: A Conversation With Martin Cooper, Father of the Mobile Phone
12/04/2012 Steve Wildstrom talks to Martin Cooper about the first cell phone and the evolution of the wireless industry.
Smart Services: Spotting Problems Before They Happen
10/15/2012 Why businesses are increasingly turning to Smart Services to improve performance and reliability.
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