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Social Spoken: Aja Monet on Technology Bringing Us Together

John Earnhardt
July 07 , 2011

Aja Monet is the third poet in our summer poetry series. Her poem, "Mobilizing a Movement of the Mind," tells the story of technology's impact on connecting us as humans across continents and generations.

Aja has served as a youth mentor, poetry mentor, and poetry slam coach for Urban Word NYC, working with at-risk youth in inner-city New York. She has also worked with Odyssey House as poetry/performance program coordinator, teacher, and mentor for three years. Aja received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009 and is currently a graduate student working on her Master of Fine Arts in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

All of these original poems focus on the real-life uses and impact of the network on our daily lives. We will publish a poem each Friday throughout the summer. We hope you have a great summer, and we hope that this series gives you a little different way of learning about the power of the network in our lives.

"Who could have prepared us for video messaging, watching a smile form or an eye tear, listening to laughter unwind in our ears from rooms around the world?"

—Aja Monet

Other poets featured in this series are: Aneta Brodski, Bob Holman, Rachna Vohra, Jon Sands, Mahogany Browne, Patrick Rosal, Tahani Salah, Shappy Seasholtz, and Edwin Torres.  The dates of the poems are listed here.

Our first poet in the series was Aneta Brodski.  You can view Aneta's poem here.
Our second poet in the series was Rachna Vohra. You can view Rachna's poem here.

More info on Aja Monet here.  Follow her on Twitter @aja_monet.

The Network: Cisco's Technology News Site worked with Ironbound Films to produce a series of original poems written and performed by some of the best spoken word poets in the world. All performances were filmed at the famous Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan.

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