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Cisco Commends Government of Canada's Commitment to Drive Productivity Through Increased Use of Telepresence Technology

Toronto, ON  – March 22, 2013 – As a company focused on positively impacting innovation and productivity, Cisco Canada applauds the Government of Canada for continuing to lead by example in using technology to increase productivity and reduce travel costs. 

"The 2013 budget demonstrates that the Government of Canada is keenly focused on embracing technologies such as telepresence to drive down travel costs and improve productivity and work-life balance for public servants,” said Nitin Kawale, president, Cisco Canada. “I commend Minister Flaherty, the Department of Finance, the Treasury Board, and Shared Services Canada for continuing to show leadership in transforming federal service provisioning and impacting public service delivery.” 

In the budget document, the Government states “Federal departments will increasingly replace travel by using remote meeting alternatives such as telepresence, which is similar to videoconferencing but enables participants to see life-size, full-motion video with high-quality sound. These alternatives are more cost-effective than travel and will increase productivity, as public servants will spend less time in transit."

“The nature of work and Canada’s next-generation workforce needs are changing. Technologies like telepresence allow teams from across the country and round the world to meet and collaborate as if they are in the same room – saving time and resources, and improving communication and productivity,” Mr. Kawale added.

Cisco TelePresence not only reduces travel costs and carbon emissions associated with travel, but also facilitates faster decision making. “With this budget initiative, Minister Flaherty again demonstrates Canada’s forward-thinking leadership,” said Mr. Kawale.

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