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FEATURE SERIES: My Networked Life

My Networked Life: Clora Romo, Mexico City, Mexico

Meet Clora Romo. She lives and works in Mexico City. She is an architect with a mind for bettering the city and promoting the culture. She uses the network to bring people together through Pase Eusted, an online community she co-founded.

August 21 , 2012

My Networked Life: True Stories from a Connected World is a documentary-style video series that takes you around the world for a look at how young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and students are using connected technology to achieve goals and realize dreams.  These stories are personal, they are real and they are powerful. #networkedlife

Clora Romo, Mexico City, Mexico
"Technology enables not only collaboration, but to approach different people that maybe are not close to me, my work or my framework."
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English Transcript:

I started to study architecture in 2001, here in Mexico City.

Being an architect in the 21st century, it's exciting because you have to find new ways to create, and construct, and build spaces.

I'm interested in building spaces where people can gather. So I have to think in different formats, and including technology in order to get people to interact in a better way.

After finishing school I realized that I didn't only want to do designing and building. I started this studio with a couple of friends. We started doing these forums. I think that designing the way that people interact, architecture has to do with all of that.

We started building a new community of people who wanted to collaborate between each other.

This helped us build Pase Usted, this NGO that is also with forums with a specific format of presentation, and that attends different subjects that are more important. We manage to do certain forums around the city's technology and sustainability.

Nowadays, in order to reach your audience you have to thrive through, let's say, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, maybe Instagram as well. That's how we can get into the people's and the community's mind, in order for us to have a greater impact.

Pase Usted has helped enable some good ideas. One of them is an online system for schools. Another one is a platform for fundraising that's used by charities and NGOs.

I'm excited, and I'm inspired every time I meet new people that are generating new ideas and new projects that are impacting in a positive way the city that we live in.

Technology enables not only collaboration but to approach different people that maybe are not that close to me, my work, or my framework.


Spanish Transcript:

Comencé a estudiar arquitectura en 2001, aquí en el D.F

Es muy emocionante ser arquitecta en el siglo XXI ya que  tienes que hallar nuevas formas de crear y construir espacios.

Estoy interesada en crear espacios donde la gente pueda reunirse. Por eso debo pensar en formatos diferentes e incluir tecnología para que las personas interactúen mejor.

Cuando terminé la escuela me di cuenta de que no solo quería diseñar y construir. Fundé este estudio con un par de amigos. Comenzamos haciendo estos foros. Creo que al diseñar el modo en que la gente interactúa, la arquitectura tiene mucho que ver con todo eso.

Comenzamos a generar un nuevo tipo de comunidad de personas que querían colaborar unas con otras.

Esto nos ayudó a generar Pase Usted, esta ONG que también tiene foros con un formato específico de presentación y que atiende diferentes temas de importancia. Logramos organizar ciertos foros en torno a la tecnología y sostenibilidad de la ciudad.

Actualmente, para llegar al público, tienes que poder comunicarte a través de  Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, quizás también  Instagram. Así logramos penetrar en la mente de la comunidad, lo que nos permite tener un gran impacto.

Pase Usted ha hecho realidad algunas buenas ideas. Una de ellas es un sistema en línea para escuelas. Otra es una plataforma para colectas usada por entidades de bien público y ONG.

Me emociono y me inspiro cada vez que conozco nuevas personas que generan nuevos proyectos e ideas que impactan positivamente en la ciudad donde vivimos.

La tecnología no solo permite la colaboración sino también acercarme a personas que pueden no estar cerca de mí, de mi trabajo o mi entorno.

"Dos tercios de los estudiantes (66%) y más de la mitad de los empleados (58%) citan a un dispositivo móvil (equipo portátil, smartphone, tablet) como ‘la tecnología más importante de sus vidas.'" Informe Cisco Connected World Technology.


"Two-thirds of students (66%) and more than half of employees (58%) cite a mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) as 'the most important technology in their lives.'" - Cisco Connected World Technology Report

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