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Cisco Innovators: Medianet

The team behind Cisco's medianet technology talks about how medianet not only allows rich media content to flow easily over the network...it is revolutionary technology that is expanding the boundaries of the network.

Karen Crocker Snell
December 05 , 2011

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My name is Ulrica de Fort-Menares. My primary responsibility here at Cisco is run the medianet program. My name is Aamer Akhter I'm a technical marketing engineer. So the idea behind medianet is to come up with a framework, if you will, that allows rich media applications, like telepresence, like WebEx, like video surveillance, to better operate over a network. Because we're truly expanding the boundary of the network. I think that's really what we see as, as the difference. We have people that are very passionate with conviction actually I would say, that you know quite honestly the word impossible is simply not in our vocabulary. The way that the medianet program is organized is we actually have problem statements, and then we actually look within the engineering community, we pull together experts, known experts, within that area to be able to attack that problem area with existing innovations or even coming up with new innovations One of the things that we've done at medianet is to be able to actually look at a lot of these innovations and string them into the product life cycle, string them into yeah this is an awesome technology, if we tweak it a little bit this way and we add these other things to it, so it's not just one thing, it's a number of things working together and you can actually get something that will completely amazing. The job that excites me the most is that we, you know like, knowing that we, we're building something that's going to make a difference for our customers, to solve their problems. I think it's not just about, you know, like coming up with a new technology and a new product, but I believe it's also about creating a new market. I wouldn't say that I'm the innovator, it's the actual team just working together that causes a lot of the innovation itself to work.

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