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FEATURE SERIES: Week in Review and Look Ahead

The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: Oct. 14-18

Before you start your weekend, check out this week's top stories and see what we have planned for next week.

October 17 , 2013

1.) Mobile Tech and the Fear of Missing Out

Twitchy because you haven’t checked Facebook in a while? Then you could be suffering from something called the “Fear of Missing Out.” See what it is, and take a quiz to find out where you stand with social media usage.

2.) Better Connected: Powering the Future

It’s expected that tens of billions of devices will be hooked up and talking to each other by 2020. But what is going to power all of them? And, does it automatically follow that the communications will take place over the public digital highway? In a laboratory in Cambridge, UK, scientists and engineers have been working up some answers.

3.) Cyber Security Awareness Month 2013: Trust is the Topic

Chief Security Officer John Stewart talks about Cisco’s significant investments in “Trustworthy Systems.”

4.) Cisco Global Cloud Index Projects Cloud Traffic to Dominate Data Centers

 A look at the fastest growing component of data center traffic and projections for the future.

Coming up next week:

 Focus: Internet of Everything

Check out our new monthly online magazine! This month the focus is The Internet of Everything.

  • Find out how IoE is making home automation a reality.
  •  See how researchers are testing "imaginary interfaces" as an alternative to the usual mode of mobile-device interaction.
  • Learn how IoE will unlock the human potential of unemployed and underemployed workers. 

 Focus is packed with content on how the Internet of Everything has the potential to change our lives.

We’ll see you next week!




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