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FEATURE SERIES: Week in Review and Look Ahead

The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: June 3-7

Congrats on making it to Friday! Start your weekend with a look at the top stories on The Network this week, and see what to look forward to next week.

June 06 , 2013

1.) Leadership@Cisco: Wim Elfrink

Wim Elfrink, Cisco's Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions & Chief Globalisation Officer talks about the importance of mentors, his role in building a Globalization Center in India, and how Cisco’s ability to connect the unconnected will change education and healthcare.This is the latest installment in our leadership series. You can watch all the profiles here.

2.) Mobile Innovation in the UK

The UK may be late to market with 4G, but this hasn’t curbed Britain’s appetite for advanced mobile services. Sue Tabbitt takes a look at the areas to watch in the UK’s mobile landscape.

3.) Soccer’s Coming “Moneyball” Moment

Soccer is suddenly awash in new kinds of data. Kevin Maney takes a look at how teams are using the new insights from analytics, and what could be in store for the future.

4.) Cisco Partner Summit 2013

Get a wrap of events from Cisco's premier partner event.

Coming up next week:

  • Behind the Scenes at a Hack-A-Thon  

We check in with some Cisco engineers and college students as they tackle a 24 hour, intense problem solving and coding marathon.

  • It’s All About Mobile First

We check out the world of “mobile-first” design, in which apps are primarily and uniquely tailored to the mobile medium, versus being shrunken-down versions of Web apps. A look at the trend and how it changes the user experience.

  • The NBA and the Internet of Everything

 A look at how the NBA might take advantage of the Internet of Everything, providing coaches with real-time data, and fans with instant replays, highlights and player stats right from their own mobile device.

We’ll see you next week!

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