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Cisco Powers Industry's First Native IPv6 Internet Service in Europe

SURFnet5 First Broadband Research Network to Deliver Native IPv6 Internet Services

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 12, 2001 - Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, announced today that SURFnet, the national research network organization in the Netherlands is now delivering native IPv6 Internet service on its advanced Next Generation broadband network. SURFnet has combined the Cisco IOS. IPv6 solution and Cisco 12416 Internet Routers to deliver dual stack networks for their customers; with IPv4 and IPv6 running in dual stack deployment, a SURFnet5 customer can run one or both protocols simultaneously.

"Cisco is the only major networking vendor to deliver IPv6 across multiple platforms, thus ensuring that our customers can deploy IPv6 whenever and wherever required," said Roland Acra, vice president and general manager of the Internet Routing Group. "By building IPv6 into Cisco IOS software, we are enabling the continued evolution of the Internet in a way that maintains compatibility with existing Internet services while meeting our customers' requirements for deploying new applications based on IPv6."

"Using the Cisco IOS IPv6 solution running on Cisco 12416 Internet Routers will allow SURFnet to expand into new applications and capabilities and address the dynamic and evolving needs of our customers," said Kees Neggers, Managing Director of SURFnet.

With the introduction of native IPv6, the SURFnet5 network (also known as the GigaPort network) strengthens its position as a leading advanced research network. It was developed in collaboration with BT Ignite Solutions as prime contractor, Cisco Systems and SURFnet as part of the GigaPort project. These organizations have been working with Cisco for the past two years to build the SURFnet5 IP network backbone services to provide high-speed data networking services for a wide range of customers, including universities, research institutes, hospitals, industrial research centers. Commercial enterprises can use the SURFnet5 network for the development and testing of advanced applications.

"BT Ignite Solutions is enthusiastic about working with GigaPort and Cisco Systems to deliver and service this contract," says Terry Idle, Senior Vice President, BT Ignite Solutions Europe. "This exciting and pioneering project allows BT Ignite Solutions to work closely with GigaPort and its partners and associates to maximize the use of new applications and services accessible through this world leading infrastructure."

Industry-leading Cisco 12416 Internet Routers offer the highest level of scalability and performance, enabling the SURFnet5 network to deliver premium services such as voice over IP and video on demand while also providing services based on IPv6 on this same network. The SURFnet5 network consists of a backbone situated at two locations in Amsterdam, at SARA and Hempoint, with fifteen points of presence (POPs), each connected with two 10Gbps Lambdas to the backbone.

Cisco IOS IPv6 Solution

Cisco's IOS IPv6 Solution enables the continued evolution of the Internet across the widest breadth of platforms in the industry. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), as specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), most notably offers expanded IP addresses to accommodate widespread proliferation of Internet devices such as personal computers, personal digital assistants, wireless devices, and new Internet appliances; expansion of the Internet throughout the world; increasing use of "always on" Internet access; and requirements of emerging Internet applications. IPv6 also provides integrated auto-configuration for plug-and play capabilities, enhanced mobility, and end-to-end security. Cisco's IPv6 solution is available today across a wide breadth of service provider and enterprise platforms.

Cisco 12000 Series Internet Routers

The Cisco 12000 Series Internet Router is part of Cisco's family of multimillion packets-per-second (pps) Internet routing platforms for creating a full service Internet. The Cisco 12000 Series is the premier Internet routing platform for service provider backbone and high-speed edge applications, enabling service providers to meet the challenge of building IP networks to satisfy customer demands while increasing profitability. Part of the Cisco 12000 Series, the Cisco 12400 family offers the only portfolio of 10Gbps OC-192/STM-64 systems with the capacity, performance, service enablers, and operational efficiencies to build the most competitive IP networks. With its unique, modular distributed system architecture, the Cisco 12000 Series leads the industry with the only proven investment protection, the highest backbone and edge performance, and the only guaranteed priority packet delivery.

About SURFnet

SURFnet operates an innovative advanced research network, connecting over 200 institutions in higher education and research throughout the Netherlands. To maintain this leadership, SURFnet continually improves their network and develops new applications to give users faster and better access to new Internet services. The new SURFnet5 network offers speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second. Universities, polytechnics, research centers and similar institutions are connected to this network. It also offers businesses the opportunity to develop next generation Internet applications. SURFnet focuses on the GigaPort-Network activities in the GigaPort project. www.gigaport.nl. More information about SURFnet:, http://www.surfnet.nl/en/

About BT Ignite Solutions

BT Ignite Solutions is the eBusiness and communications solutions unit within BT Ignite. The business provides solutions to help its clients to optimize customer value in an IP enabled world. Providing consultancy, eBusiness, e-CRM and network-centric applications, BT Ignite Solutions delivers and manages solutions on behalf of many of the world's largest and most respected organizations. BT Ignite Solutions is the largest provider of managed and outsourced network and IT solutions in the UK. It has more than 27,000 customers ranging from mid-sized companies to multi-national organizations in 92 countries across the globe. For more information, visit: www.ignite.com.

About Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. News and information are available at www.cisco.com.

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