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Internode Improves Business Connectivity Between Australia and United States

Cisco 12000 Series Routers Form Core of International High- Speed Network

SYDNEY, Australia - March 3 2005 - Australian broadband innovator Internode is deploying Cisco® 12000 Series routers to significantly upgrade its high-quality data-link capacity between Australia and the United States, one of the world's heaviest Internet traffic zones.

Internode has built its national network infrastructure on Cisco Systems® networking equipment for more than 10 years. As a result of quality of supply issues with international network access, Internode recently decided to deploy its own network links from Sydney to Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif.

Internode selected the Cisco 12010 Router to expand its network capacity and prioritize traffic using quality of service (QoS) features. The deployment of five Cisco 12010 routers, connected to the United States by four dedicated STM-1 (155-megabit-per-second [Mbps]) links via the Southern Cross Cable Network, makes the Internode network international in scope, capable of delivering end-to-end business-class broadband access for its customers in Australia.

Internode's deployment of the Cisco 12000 Series-based network will provide 'bandwidth independence' for Internode between Australia and the US. Specifically, Internode will be able to "peer" or intersect with international backbone networks located in the United States directly, helping its Australian customers gain access to faster data traffic flow and even more reliable services. The QoS features enable Internode to deploy its Internode Business Connect Private IP network for Australian customers active in the U.S. market.

Internode (www.internode.on.net) is a leading Australian broadband Internet services company. Based in Adelaide, it is a premier provider of business-class Internet access and professional services to organisations throughout Australia. Internode also operates a wholesale broadband business, Agile Communications.

One industry which stands to benefit from increased bandwidth capabilities is the Adelaide-based digital film post-production industry. Internationally recognized company Rising Sun Pictures (producers of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) uses the Cinenet systems network (http://www.cine.net.au/), operated by Agile Communications, to send and receive massive digital files in real time between Adelaide and the U.S.

The international reach of the Internode network will also benefit people and businesses in regional areas of South Australia. Agile Communications has built a state-of-the-art voice-over-IP network in the Coorong region, south east of Adelaide, which has more than halved the cost of phone calls in the area in the past year. Agile is also introducing broadband to the Yorke Peninsula, west of Adelaide as part of a strategy to make businesses in the region more competitive.

Internode CEO Simon Hackett, said; "The international extension of our network gives us end-to-end independence. It gives us control over our own destiny and lets us meet quality-of-service requirements from Australia to the U.S., the centre of the Internet. This lets us ramp up capacity as and when we require it."

The upgrade will also quadruple the capacity of its Internode's inter-capital links from STM-1 to STM-4 (622 Mbps) to cope with continuing growth though 2005.

Director of Service Provider Sales, Cisco Australia and New Zealand, Peter Papaioannou, said; "Cisco is delighted to work with Internode, to improve Internode's network and to help Internode better serve its Australian customers in a quality-of-service-enabled environment."

About Internode

Internode is a leading Australian broadband Internet services company. Based in Adelaide, it is a premier provider of Internet access and professional services to organisations throughout Australia. Internode founder, Simon Hackett, also President of the SA Internet Association is an Internet pioneer who was involved in AARNet, which brought the Internet to Australia's shores in the 1980's.

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