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Talk2Cisco: The Transformation of Education

Cisco's VP of Corporate Affairs discusses the evolving role of technology in education and shares how Cisco is engaging today's learner

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Talk2Cisco is a live, real-time, social, interactive, online video broadcast featuring Cisco leaders answering questions submitted by you, the viewer. Using Ustream.tv, Talk2Cisco puts you directly in touch with the source of the information, covers topics of interest to you and connects you with others who follow Cisco business and technology. Join the conversation.


Amy Christen, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Cisco

Amy Christen, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Cisco

Join an interactive discussion on August 31 when Amy Christen, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, shares her insights on the latest approaches to teaching and learning. Christen will talk about how Cisco is partnering with today's education leaders to empower the next generation of learners. She will also take your questions during this half hour live, social broadcast.

Talk2Cisco Broadcast August 31 at 11 a.m. PT


Amy Christen, Cisco's VP of Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Affairs

About Amy Christen:

Christen has over 25 years of executive management experience in using innovative technology as a change management catalyst and leadership tool.  By combining strategy with practical implementation, Christen has repeatedly set long range goals while achieving short term wins for sustainable change.  With a passion for process as an art form, Christen has successfully created and implemented processes that are self-reinforcing and sustaining, enabling greatly-improved operational efficiencies and effectiveness. Cisco's Corporate Social Responsibility programs and initiatives are global in scope and deliver on the promise of developing tomorrow's leaders…today.

In a live, social broadcast, participants will have the opportunity to ask Amy questions directly on such topics as:

  1. What is the future of technology in education?
  2. How does Cisco currently engage in supporting Education transformation?
  3. How can Cisco's business approaches be maximized in an Education setting?
  4. How is Cisco Networking Academy evolving to meet the demand for talent?

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What do you think? How can you deliver on the education promise?

Have a question for Amy? Send Talk2Cisco your question via email or Twitter (@Talk2Cisco) and be sure to join us on August 31 at 11:00 a.m. PT for a live broadcast and the chance to ask Amy your question directly.
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