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Cisco Global Resale Agent Model

November 6, 2008

  • The Cisco Global Resale Agent Model provides a transactional framework for channel partner-to-partner collaboration to capitalize on the trend of globalization and the growth of multinational businesses worldwide. As companies evolve to capitalize on globalisation there is a rapid expansion in the multinational customer segment.
  • The Global Resale Agent model provides host channel partners (deal originator) with policies, processes and tools to select and appoint another Cisco channel partner as an agent in a different country/theater, to act on their behalf, for the resale of Cisco technologies to emerging multinational customers.
  • Partners will use Cisco's Partner Exchange as the central transactional portal to find, connect with and collaborate with other partners and offer customers a complementary blend of technology, services, and industry expertise.

Global Resale Agent Requirements

  • Global Resale Agent must have a valid resale agreement--Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA) or Systems Integrator Agreement (SIA))
  • Global Resale Agent must currently have Premier, Silver or Gold status in the launching country
  • Global Resale Agent must have the appropriate specializations and /or advanced technology products (ATPs) specialization to purchase restricted access products in the landed country

Host Partner Requirements

  • Host Partner must have a valid resale agreement-Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA) or Systems Integrator Agreement (SIA)
  • Host Partner must at minimum be a Cisco Certified Premier Partner in launching country
  • Host channel partners must have appropriate specializations /ATPs comparable to or higher than the agent

Globalization Trends

  • The dynamics of globalisation are changing. No longer is globalisation only about companies from developed nations moving into emerging markets or only large enterprises moving beyond borders. Today, globalization is truly multidirectional and multinational as companies from emerging markets are also moving into developed geographies, thereby fueling the growth and productivity in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.
  • Business these days is about "competing with everyone from everywhere for everything," say the authors of "Globality", a new book by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
  • The huge size and growth of the consumer markets now opening up in emerging economies, especially in India and China, is shifting the balance of global business activity.
  • There is a growing number of companies from emerging markets that appear in the Fortune 500 rankings of the world's largest companies. It's currently at 62, mostly from the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, up from 31 in 2003 and is set to rise rapidly.
  • Emerging-market companies will account for one-third of the Fortune list within ten years, predicts Mark Spelman, head of a global think-tank run by Accenture. http://www.economist.com/specialreports/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12080751

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