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A Closer Look at Cisco's Industry Solutions Partner Network

September 10, 2007

By News@Cisco Staff

Joining the Cisco Industry Solutions Partner Network

The Cisco® Industry Solutions Partner Network is a worldwide program that brings Cisco channel partners who offer network-centric technology solutions together with vertical application providers and device manufacturers. Its mission is to recognize channel partners that are differentiating their businesses by building industry-focused solution practices. By joining the Industry Solutions Partner Network, Cisco channel partners can increase their margins, differentiate their business strategy, improve customer loyalty, and establish more strategic and profitable customer relationships.

Network members have access to best practices for selling and implementing repeatable industry solutions. Members can leverage training, access to industry expertise, proposal-based joint marketing funds, turnkey demand-generation resources, and facilitated joint business planning workshops. They can collaborate with a global ecosystem of application providers and technology developers via Cisco Partner Space, an innovative web 2.0 collaboration environment. Members could also qualify for increased financial incentives under the Cisco Solution Incentive Program (SIP).

Building a solution-focused practice can lead to increased margins and longer, more profitable customer relationships. Moreover, it can increase solution providers' knowledge and understanding of customers' business challenges and prepare them to interact with chief information officers (CIOs) and executive business decision makers.

What's unique about Cisco's Industry Solutions Partner Network

There are a lot of programs that have been structured in different ways. Cisco's program is based upon a collaborative value-based framework that does not dictate rules but rather leverages global partner relationships and market intelligence. This creates a network where partners can access an incredible amount of resources to help drive the innovation that is already happening but do it at a quicker rate through ISPN. Cisco supports the partners that choose to make this investment with increased discount through the Cisco Solution Incentive Program, joint marketing funds, joint business planning and field engagement opportunities. The goal is to continue to find and deliver valuable applications that resonate with the marketplace.

Resources available on Cisco Partner Space

The Cisco Partner Space is an online virtual environment for partner-to-partner collaboration. The portal features joint marketing tools, exclusive sales resources, customized, industry-focused demand-generation kits, and marketing campaign tools and services. Partners can also find industry-specific training and information about third-party consulting services tailored to fit the needs of their target market. Benefits vary by theater. For details, please visit http://www.cisco.com/go/ispn.

Requirements for a Cisco Certified Reseller to participate in the Industry Solutions Partner Network

Eligible resellers are identified by their CAM through the regional and partner business planning process and are nominated to the program by their CAM. Resellers with a pre-qualified industry solution in SIP are also eligible. For additional details, visit http://www.cisco.com/web/partners/sell/industry/ispn/ispn_enroll.html

Members must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Cisco Select, Premier, Silver, or Gold Certified Partner
  • Develop and maintain an industry-focused business plan
  • Have one customer reference within their chosen industry
  • Allocate industry-focused sales and marketing resources
  • Maintain an industry-focused pipeline

Individual theaters may have other requirements. For more details, visit http://www.cisco.com/go/ispn.

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