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Cisco Shows Users How to Triple the Performance of Their Cisco 7010 and 7000 High-End Routers and Gain Distributed Switching

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 15, 1996 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced ahigh-end router investment protection program that will enable users of itsCisco 7010 and 7000 routers to take advantage of capabilities previouslysupported only on Cisco's new 7500 series.

Through the program, customers now can upgrade from the stand-alone routeprocessors and switch processors found in the Cisco 7010 and 7000 to thenew, integrated Route/Switch Processor (RSP) that was introduced in September for theCisco 7500 series.

With the integrated Route/Switch Processor, powered by a high-performanceRISC processor and custom ASICs, users will realize three to five timesbetter performance for many protocols and network services when runningCisco Internetwork OperatingSystem (Cisco IOS (TM)) software.

This performance boost greatly enhances support of applications involvingvirtual LAN (VLAN) networking, queuing and high-speed interfaces. Upgradingto the RSP also allows 7000 users to access new, distributed switching andnetwork services such as encryption and compression.

Cisco 7000 customers gain access to these distributed switching functionswhen using the RSP in tandem with Cisco's newVersatile Interface Processor(VIP). When introduced in September, the VIP was the first routerinterfacecard to provide intelligent multilayer switching and run Cisco IOSsoftware. Each VIP card in a Cisco high-end router can make local switchingdecisions, based on routing information received from the RSP, andindependently perform other Cisco IOS functions.

"We're committed to protecting user investments in Cisco 7000 seriessystems, interface cards and software," said Richard Palmer, Cisco'sdirector of marketing for high-end routing products. "At the same time, wewant to give customers as many choices as possible as we develop productsoffering higher performance and enhanced functionality."

The five-slot Cisco 7010 and the seven-slot Cisco 7000, introduced in 1993,each offer 500 Mbps of bandwidth.

According to Palmer, the investment protection program will appeal to usersof those two high-end routers who want distributed switching and servicessupported by the new Versatile Interface Processor. The program also catersto Cisco 7010 and 7000 users who need increased switching and processingperformance but have sufficient bandwidth.

Palmer said users who require more bandwidth and options for dual RSPs aremore likely to consider purchasing the new, seven-slot Cisco 7507 or13-slot Cisco 7513, each of which provides 2.1 Gbps of bandwidth.

Under the program, Cisco 7010 and 7000 users will receive $4,500 to $5,000credits for their existing route processors, switch processors and Cisco7000-based software, which they can apply toward the RSP upgrade. Theupgrade requires RSP hardware and Cisco 7500 series software. Combined, thenet cost of the hardware and software upgrade for a 7010 or 7000 --including all credits and discounts -- typically will range from $10,000 to$14,000, depending on the Cisco IOS feature set ordered, Palmer said. Thatis about 40 percent less than the comparable cost of a new Cisco 7507.

In addition, users of existing Cisco 7010 and 7000 interface cards will begiven a $3,000 credit to upgrade to the new Versatile Interface Processor.Four fixed-configuration VIPs currently are available, which supportEthernet, Fast Ethernet and serial connections and range in price from$12,000 to $17,000. Cisco Systems also announced today that it isintroducing a new, combination four-port Token Ring and four-port serialVersatile Interface Processor, which is priced at $24,000.

The RSP upgrade and the new Token Ring/serial VIP will be available duringthe first calendar quarter of 1996.

Versatile Interface Processors supporting ATM, FDDI, HSSI, ISDN PrimaryRate Interface (PRI), data compression and encryption will be availablelater this year.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the leadingglobal supplier ofinternetworking solutions,including routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial-upaccess servers and network management software. These products, integratedby the Cisco IOS software, linkgeographically dispersed LANs, WANs and IBMnetworks. Cisco Systems news and product/service information are availableat World Wide Web site http://www.cisco.com. Cisco Systems is headquarteredin San Jose, Calif.

Cisco IOS is a trademark and Cisco, Cisco Systems and the Cisco logo areregistered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. All other trademarks,registered or otherwise, are the property of their respective holders.

Posted: Wed Jan 14 11:35:48 PST 1998

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