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Melissa Jun Rowley

Melissa Jun Rowley

Melissa Jun Rowley is an award-winning journalist, on-air host, and content strategist with a passion for all things tied to social innovation. She is currently the founder and editor-in-chief of Incentivize, a digital media company focused on the convergence of capitalism and activism. A former producer for CNN and the Associated Press, Melissa has flown in zero gravity at NASA, produced business updates from the New York Stock Exchange, and field produced coverage of the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys. Her online work encompasses features for Mashable, Discovery News, BlogHer and MTV Act. As a self-proclaimed "Cause Correspondent," Melissa dedicates her passion for storytelling to spreading the good word about business, emerging technology, art, entertainment, and heroes benefitting humanity.  

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Melissa Jun Rowley's Contributions

How Big Data is Sparking Social Change
04/09/2014 A look at how activists are harnessing mobile technology and big data to fight poverty and the food crisis.
Smart City Seoul
01/14/2014 An inside look at what makes Seoul tick-technology wise.
Open Data and the Next Evolution in Citizen Science
08/19/2013 A look at how the lowered cost of technology and open data is leading to collaboration and problem solving for citizen scientists.
Proximity-Based Social Change
06/10/2013 A look at how proximity-based social networking applications are providing connection, protection, and social change.
Healthcare and The Cloud
04/30/2013 A look at the benefits and challenges of cloud computing in healthcare for patients and caregivers.
The Evolving Context-Aware Ecosystem: Location, Proximity & Privacy
03/19/2013 A look at how context-aware computing is changing life for the connected consumer.
A Gamified Cloud In 2013
01/07/2013 A look at where gamification is headed and how companies are using the trend to engage employees and customers.
Smart Moves: Community-Driven Mobile Technology Makes Waves Down Under
11/26/2012 A look at how a community-based initiative in Australia is bringing many services together using Near Field Communication technology.
The Telework Movement Goes Down Under
08/06/2012 Australia prepares for its first national Telework Week as it looks to double the number of people who work remotely in the next few years.
Open Technologies Open Doorways For K-12 Students
07/17/2012 Always on, always connected—that pretty much sums up students today. Now a series of High Tech Charter schools is making sure learning about technology is a priority for hundreds of students.
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