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Wendy Tanaka

Wendy Tanaka

Wendy Tanaka is a former editor at The Network and technology editor at Forbes. She is an award-winning, veteran business and technology journalist.

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Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea – Education
04/10/2012 Songdo International Business District is at the vanguard of education. The new city features a state-of-the-art school at the forefront of innovation. Episode 8 in the series.
Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea – Lifestyle & Leisure
02/15/2012 Songdo International Business District brings together green space, accessibility and advanced technology to create an improved way of life for all its residents. Episode 4 in the series.
Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea - Work and Business
02/01/2012 A short plane ride from China and Japan, Songdo International Business District is uniquely positioned to become a premier business hub in Northeast Asia. Episode 3 of the series.
Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea - Living
01/18/2012 Songdo International Business District uses advanced network technologies to create an unparalleled lifestyle experience. With the touch of a button, residents can manage their homes' energy use, adjusting everything from lights to air conditioning--even remotely. Episode 2 of the series.
Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea – A New Approach
01/04/2012 Songdo International Business District in South Korea, is a prime example of a new city. The $35-billion-dollar project is being built from the ground up by some of the world's best planners, architects, builders and technology companies. Episode 1 of the series.
2011 Year in Review: Data Center, Virtualization and Cloud Computing
12/26/2011 See how cloud computing applies to a cupcake bakery. Read how handset virtualization can create two phones on one device. These were among the top five videos, feature stories and graphics on The Network this year.
Innovators: Engineering Cius
Talk2Cisco: Secrets of UCS- What You Should Know
07/25/2011 Cisco Senior VP Soni Jiandani discusses the company's game-changing approach to computing and how customers are benefiting.
Cisco Innovators: Dino Farinacci on the Magic of LISP
Data Centers Don't Need To Be Energy Hogs
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