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Jason Deign

Jason Deign

Jason Deign is a Barcelona-based business writer, journalist and author. Besides writing, he is regularly interviewed by the media and has been featured in the UK's Daily Mail and The Guardian, among others.

Notable achievements include coining the term 'Easyjet generation' in 2003 and being the first UK journalist to document the rise of identity theft in 2001. Jason has worked with Cisco since 2000 and became a global contributor to The Network in 2003.

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Who's Building the Internet of Everything?
10/06/2014 Connecting pretty much everything to the Internet is no mean feat. But a number of organizations are already taking care of training the right people.
Welcome to the Intercloud
09/25/2014 The cloud overcomes the limitations of corporate computing silos. But if clouds themselves form silos, what is the point? That is why you need the Intercloud.
Adding Security to the Internet of Everything
09/24/2014 The Internet of Everything heralds a new kind of world for everyone. But it also requires a new way of thinking about IT security.
Retrofitting Smart Cities
09/17/2014 Building a smart city from scratch is easy compared to the task of introducing intelligence into an existing urban environment.
Six Ways Technology is Changing How We Travel
08/18/2014 Innovations such as mobility and the Internet of Everything are bringing real-time ease, flexibility, and fun to our journeys. Here are just some examples.
How Hubs Succeed in Fostering Innovation
06/23/2014 Innovation hubs are all the rage as policy makers look to boost local economies and employment. But it takes a special environment to really foster innovation.
Could Mobile Broadband Solve India's Connectivity Problems?
05/18/2014 Rolling out fixed-line broadband connections is a challenge in a vast, rural country such as India. So maybe it is time for a different approach.
Usability Moves Beyond the Screen
05/07/2014 Web designers have long been aware of the need to make things easy for Internet users. Now usability is increasingly an issue for other technology areas.
Home Security and The Internet of Everything
04/22/2014 The rise of mobile network alarm systems is making home security easier and better than ever before.
How the Internet of Things is Keeping Trains on Track
03/31/2014 Despite 200 years of development, train accidents are still a cause for concern in the rail industry, but now sensor technologies are helping make things safer.
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